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Our mission is to provide  access to Father's breakthrough health products that are the most effective and offer the greatest value to assist His people in achieving Divine Health!

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"Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers."


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Buy Ocean's Alive Phytoplankton!

Phytoplankton is essentially hundreds of times more bioavailable than any other algae (or any other food source) on earth! That's like instantly "infusing" your body with more than 100 nutrients simultaneously!

•  Supporting a healthy heart
•  Significantly improving brain function
•  Normalizing cholesterol and blood pressure
•  Stabilizing blood sugar levels
•  Easing joint discomfort and inflammation
•  Increasing vision acuity (more effective than lutein)
•  Encouraging a healthy liver

Ocean’s Alive Phytoplankton is not grown in an "open pond environment" where air pollution and environmental contaminants can mix with the seawater where the marine phytoplankton grows. European Engineers built a complex photo-“bioreactor” which is a sealed growing environment, with the perfect ingredients. Ultra pure ocean water, pure CO2 and natural sunlight providing the exact conditions to grow marine phytoplankton at its best. In other words, a "closed off" mini-ocean was created, but without the pollution, waste, toxicity, heavy metals and bacteria of the real one!


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Body Align Product Testimonials

"I have spent thousands of dollars over many years trying to deal with serious health problems. I put the bracelet on and within one day I had a 50% reduction in pain and more energy than I had felt in years!" M.K., Florida

"I am a commercial fisherman and injured my back years ago. I have had severe pain that sometimes keeps me in bed for days. I didn't even have the pain discs...I just put the wrist band on my back and experienced relief in a matter of minutes! How do I get some more product? " R.P., Florida

"I have a performance band. About a year ago I had a sports injury, and I have not been active like I used to be. I just played ultimate frisbie with my son and his friends. I expected my legs to be sore the next day, and really sore the following day.  I had no soreness either day! I was blown away.  My son told his friends, “my dad has more energy than I have seen in years”.  And this is just with the Performance Band, no discs."  D.M, Arkansas

"I have had rotator cuff problems that would bring tears to my eyes. I put on the relief discs 4 nights ago, and have had no pain.  I have full range of motion. I noticed a little pain, and felt the area, and found my disc had come off.  I replaced it, and again, no pain. I have a pain in my knee.  I put on a disc on the inside of my right knee today, and already no pain. I am blown away by these products.   The bands..are awesome. I have had 2 heart attacks and a stroke… since wearing the bands for 4 days, I am consistently feeling great!"  M.R., Nevada

"I met M last week when I drove up to help my daughter and my grandkids move. M and 3 friends helped her pack.  He was still running up the stairs at the end of the day, while I was exhausted, could hardly stand up, and was in major pain.  We had barely talked about Body Align, yet M gave me the endurance band and put some pain discs on my back.  I have scoliosis.  M had me take a nap, so I did for 30 minutes. All of a sudden, I felt refreshed… not like a red bull makes you feel. I just did not feel exhausted.  So we loaded 2 cars and drove to Texas… It was that fast… I had energy to do what I needed to.  I still can’t believe it!"  D.C., Texas

"I’ve been getting headaches, and for the last 4 weeks, the relief discs have been a lifesaver. I put the 2 discs on. In 5 minutes the headache is gone. This has worked several times. At my Martial Arts gym, I have 75 women in our program. Someone always has an injury, or is tired, having surgery, etc… In the fitness industry, that is part of it.  One person I helped had Sciatic nerve trouble… I placed  the discs in the right spot… She is coming back every day wanting another one. We can’t keep them in stock.  I am just now learning about them… I can tell you though, they just work and are exciting. People are very accepting of them here." A.K.., Louisiana

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